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La différence

Our history

Domaine La Difference was born out of a story of friendship: 4 friends, all wine enthusiasts and lovers of the Tautavel terroir, decided more than 15 years ago to make their dream come true by buying a few hectares of vines in Roussillon. . A single desire animated them then, to create a grand cru in Catalan country.

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Our tasting advice


Open a bottle

As if I didn't know how to uncork a bottle, you will tell us!

And yet…. Have you ever "pinched" your fingers when trying to open a bottle? A good craftsman always working with good tools, you will need to invest in a good corkscrew.

First, cut out the cap below the bottle ring.

Then, delicacy, especially if the wine is from an old vintage.

The sound of the cork coming out of the neck, we all have it in our ears and it always wakes up a glimmer of interest in our eyes. However, this is not the right way to proceed because it “shocks” the wine. Softness is the order of the day.

Little tip: if the cork is difficult to get out, hit the corkscrew (with a small hammer for example) to loosen the cork from the neck. But always with delicacy otherwise it is the dry cleaning assured for your shirt ...


Let the wine rest

The tasting of a wine is a eulogy to slowness; you have to relearn how to take the time to do things well!

In order to better preserve it, the wine has little space in the bottle; for the youngest wines, do not hesitate to give them time to express themselves when you decide to taste them.

Pour them into a nice carafe, if only, at first, for the pleasure of the eyes. In contact with oxygen, they will awaken, blossom and reveal all their secrets to you for the greatest pleasure of your guests and yours.

Conversely, it is risky to let a wine aerate too much when it has reached maturity: it risks losing its “bouquet”. It must therefore be handled with the greatest care. A wine whose structure has vanished is so fragile that it risks not supporting anything other than the direct pouring of the bottle into a glass.


To concern

Above all, you have to use your eyes.
Take the time to immerse yourself in all the nuances offered by the color of our wines. The color gives indications on the wine, especially its age.
This is the first step of the sensory journey that awaits you.

The color of a wine changes over time: in its youth, a red wine often has purple reflections, subsequently, the latter becomes ruby red or garnet red. Over the years, these reflections will tend more and more towards a more or less orange tile.

It is said, moreover, that the older it gets, the brighter it becomes.

White, on the other hand, darkens with age. While it offers green undertones in its youth, it turns lemon, golden or straw at its peak.


The aromas

The "modern" world has made us forget the sense of smell.

Close your eyes and let yourself be guided by your sensations. Immerse yourself in the sensory library that you have created for yourself day after day, since your birth, without realizing it.

You will find there a multitude of stories and buried emotions.

Sometimes it takes a little time, but if you can let go of the present, you will! Have a good olfactory journey ...

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