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Our expertise

Our expertise

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Cellar master

It is man who transforms grapes into wine. It sounds easy said like that, but it takes a lot of knowledge, rigor, patience as well as a little magic and imagination to make our wines. It has the ardor of youth which gives them this link between tradition and modernity which make their singularity.

Sales manager

Caroline, le chef d'orchestre ! Pétillante et énergique, elle gère le quotidien, les professionnels du vin, le commerce et l'administratif... Toujours avec sourire et humour. Elle est l'huile qui permet à la machine de tourner sans gripper ; celle vers qui chacun se tourne au moindre doute !

Manager of our shop

Parce qu’elle a, dans une autre vie, été elle-même vigneron, elle vous racontera mieux que quiconque l’histoire du Domaine et de son terroir. Son accent chantant et son rire communicatif ne pourront vous laisser «indifférents». Au caveau, elle vous fera déguster les trésors du domaine et vous contera les mille et une anecdotes du pays catalan. Qui ne serait conquis par son professionnalisme et sa gentillesse ?

Head of Culture

Without him, nothing is possible! Its mission is to put its know-how at the service of our vines. Born a stone's throw from the cellar, it guarantees the quality of our grapes. His knowledge of the land, the climate and the passion that drives him have made us take the ever delicate turn of organic farming.

Our engagement

Located on the foothills of the Corbières massif, our vines, surrounded by scrubland, today extend over 12 ha of schistose marl and low-yielding clay-limestone soils.

Concerned about preserving the environment and this exceptional terroir, we are committed to the agro-ecological transition by obtaining the HVE3 (High Environmental Value) certification in 2019 and we have started in 2021 a conversion to organic farming.

Nature thus respected offers us an extraordinary field of expression that we are keen to share with our customers through ample, complex wines, all in finesse and elegance, faithful to this terroir of Roussillon that we cherish.

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