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The domain

The domain

Tuesday June 10, 2003
It is 10:37 am when we cross Vingrau in the direction of Tautavel.
The day promises to be magnificent.
We won't have any wind today,
the Tramontana is at rest.

Where is she ? We are looking for her
this plot we want.
Barely bigger than a vegetable patch, yes,
but covered with vines
in the middle of the vines.

Here we are,
A path goes around it,
the sun is facing him,
a gentle slope invites us to descend.
Wild is the vine,
promising is the cluster.
She wants us
and we will be proud of her.
It's time to go,
the Cargolade is waiting for us.

Now is the time to talk about winemaking techniques,
But before that, what do we want to do?
Ha yes I forgot,
the greatest wine in the world!
"Let's be crazy" after all
is there really one?
We're looking for…
a few names are popping up ...
The same names keep coming back
After all, one more…?

Nothing will be too beautiful to imagine this wine,
But it's for the moment
a well-kept secret.
Everything is said it seems to me.
What ? The name ?
Oh yes ! Our cuvée has no name!
Let's resume, a magical place, a unique wine,
In short, “different”!
That's it, we all agree,
We will have to make a difference.
To never forget it, that will be the name

Two years have passed,
we are in 2005.
We have an opportunity to acquire ten hectares on a few plots.
Carignan, Syrah, Grenache
in almost 10 times bigger.
At the source of THE DIFFERENCE, the character of Roussillon.

The time of the caculs has come:
The passion of men + the land + the production and aging =…
After all, isn't an equation the relation between two quantities of which some variables are unknown? We get lost ...
Wine is not an exact science, it is a gift of nature, a matter of taste.
And if it was a crazy dream!
The Difference is unique, so this new cuvée will be its Racine Carrée.
Racine Carrée of the taste we will see, of the price why not, of the pleasure never!

From the earth, to the glass ...

Our estate is ideally located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees, in the town of Tautavel, in the heart of Roussillon.

The landscape is dominated by steep cliffs, with changing reflections of gray, at the foot of which extends a breathtaking vineyard.

This magnificent valley has an exceptional history because since the Stone Age, man has been present on this corner of land suitable for vines.
In 1971, the discovery of human bones dating back more than 450,000 years in the Caune de L'Arago (today called "Tautavel Man"), is now considered a key to understanding the origin of the 'humanity.

This border area, with a tumultuous and rich history, like its Cathar Castles or La Torre del Far, guides us day after day in the management of our domain.
Firmly anchored in the land and in tradition, we can then turn our eyes to the future by adopting innovative farming methods that respect the environment.

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